Create NFTs using Mobile app and sell in Opensea for FREE 2022

Nowaday’s everyone is wanted to create nfts and get rich very fast but the main problem is they don’t have high performance computer or laptop to run advance softwares to create and edit nfts

But don’t worry In today’s blog you will not only able to create nfts for free also you can sell in opensea without creating smart contract just need to follow all this below instruction properly so let’s begin Learning

create nfts using mobile app and sell in opensea for free 2022

1) First Step : Open Canva

You might have heard about canva which is best for designing art , posters , thumbnails , book covers and many more so I thought this could be a very amazing platform for creating the NFTs without having lots of knowledge about advance tools for designing

More benefits of using canva is you will get lots of inbuild template which you can add in your NFT traits and make it unique from all other , so just create your NFT art make it png or any format as you wish download all of them

Create NFTs using Mobile app and sell in Opensea for FREE 2022

2) Choose whether you want to generate your arts into 10k or not ?

Lots of NFT projects are first creating their main character then what they are doing they are simply adding the base character into some python or any online website and that website generate 10k different unique nfts from them

as we need to provide some traits in the website and mainly the website just resuffle all the images and make it to 10k nfts

so , if you want to make it 10k nfts then you can generate using python source code or you can use website But I would suggest you make all the images by yourself let it be 100 or 500 but it will be unique as well as rare which is more better than 10k nfts

3) Choose your NFT marketplace

Lots of NFT marketplace have been developed nowadays but you need to choose your one which suites you like you want this specific features need to have in this marketplace then only you upload your nfts or else don’t upload

Features that should present listed below :

  • Royalty to creators
  • Bidding or auction features
  • supports mp4 , mp3 , png , jpg all formats file
  • No limitation for adding large NFT collection etc

many more features are there but I consider this to be added in the NFT marketplace you will be uploading your nfts

so, this is the best easy and simple way to upload your nfts using mobile phone hope you all have understood everything and try uploading today your NFTs also if you get any doubts then check out this youtube video link below

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