How do I create an NFT Minting website on Solana with candy machine?

Remember creating a solana nft minting website using candy machine is very easy it is just simple as creating a normal website using html , css , javascript or through react , nextjs etc

but in this case you will contain smart contract inside the backend of the dapp that’s all new and rather than all are same so , I already have developed a website which you can check it out I will add in the end of this post

Steps to create a Solana NFT mitning site :

1) Clone candy machine v2 repository from metaplex

2) Change the UI :

you can change the candy machine minting ui using react it is very simple where you can use html and css as well to add any feature as well as change background colour of the website too

3) Install yarn and run the dapp :

After you change the layout as well as style of the dapp you need to run this commands

yarn install
yarn start

then , it will automatically run the dapp in your localhost server

This is the video of my solana minting website/dapp which I have created :

To get this dapp source code contact : [email protected]

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