how do I host a nft minting site for free

how do I host a nft minting site for free

If you have created your NFT minting Dapp or website for launching your collection but don’t have idea of how to host it for FREE – don’t worry I will explain you all the process in very simple way so that it will be easier for everyone

So, Let’s begin learning and implementing all the steps

1) First Step : Go to Netlify and create an Account

Before starting , Let me explain you netlify is a site where you can host your website with free domain and hosting so In today’s Tutorial we will use netlify and for that create and account over there

how do I host a nft minting site for free

2) Perform this Important Steps in Netlify :

After you create an account , you need to perform some steps after that you can host your NFT website or Dapp and make it live on google

Steps Mentioned below :

  • In the homepage , you will get to see in the right middle section where a button is present ” Add Site ” click on that button
  • After Clicking on that button then three options will scroll down , you need to choose the third one ” Deploy Manually ”
  • New Tab will Open where you need to Drag and Drop your Source code Folder
how do I host a nft minting site for free

3) Wait to get your Live website or Dapp link :

After you upload your website you need to wait for 1-2 minutes and then Netlify will provide you a Link of your live website / Dapp link which you can share it to anyone also you can submit in google console to get traffic from google as well

So, Follow all the steps to host your NFT website and Dapp for FREE and if you face any problem then watch this youtube video to get your confusion clear

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If you want to Mint NFTs from smart contract then follow this steps :

  1. Go to that particular NFT collection smart contract using etherscan , polygonscan or any other blockchain depend on the NFT project
  2. Then You will find a option to Read the contract , click on that
  3. You need to scroll down and find a button named "MINT" after you find this button click on that and then it will ask you to enter NFT id and amount of NFTs you want to mint so after writing that just click on mint button to successfully mint your nfts using smart contract

Hope this steps will help you

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