How much does it cost to deploy smart contract on ethereum?

Remember one thing that for deploying your smart contract whether it is in ethereum , polygon , binance etc . Varies upon lots of factors which effect the cost for paying the gas fees and the most important gas fees prices doesn’t remain the same it varies time to time

so, today I am going to explain some points which will help you to understand how you can minimize the cost of deploying your smart contract as well as I will tell you a estimation cost also

1) Be sure to check up on the average gas prices on that particular network

For instance the ETH Gas price chart for the Ethereum network or the Polygon PoS Chain Average Gas Price Chart. This will give you a relative average on what the gas price might be within that time frame (day, week, month etc)

2) Calculate fiat value

After you have an idea of what the gas price looks like, you can then calculate how much in fiat value it would take to make the transaction happen or in this case signing your transactions. One of the tools you can use is the ETH gas station, this is where you are able to input a few variables in order to get to a potential monetary value of what it would take to mint your NFT’s

3) Install gas spike application

You can get catered notifications for when the gas price hits your desired mark by simply inputting your name and email on a “watching agent platform” This takes away the strain to watch out for desired prices and mint your NFT’s when the gas price is what you would like it to be

4) Use web3 wallet advance feature

If you are using one of the popular wallets, Metamask, make use of the advanced gas control section on your Metamask wallet together with the special extension described above to change up some of the gas price variables to get a lower fee. Be advised not to adjust other variables such as the Gas limit, this is a value received by Metamask from a marketplace’s smart contract, like Rarible and Opensea that actually mints the NFT.

5) Estimation gas fees for deploying nft smart contract

Lastly , the estimation of basic 10k NFT smart contract gas fees cost is around $50 – $150 dollar but it will depend upon country to country as well as time to time so use those tips mentioned above to save your money while paying high gas fees

and enjoy minting nfts all the best buddy

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