How to launch nft collection in Aptos blockchain – Easy way 2022-23

Launch nft collection in aptos blockchain very easy way 2022-23

As you all know NFTs is the Trending topic and nowadays everyone is eagerly wanted to create and launch their nft collection in their favourite blockchain i.e Most probably in ethereum , polygon , solana or binance

But recently , one new blockchain has been launched which is word of mouth in every web3 audience and the name of the blockchain is Aptos also we have heard that aptos is very much similar with solana but far better & fast from solana and this is the reason solana users are shifting to aptos blockchain

so , Today we will discuss more details about aptos and how any users can create and launch their nft collection in aptos blockchain easily

First of all , Let’s undertstand some basics things

What is Aptos blockchain ?

Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain that utilizes the Move programming language. The digital currency guarantees clients expanded versatility, dependability, security and ease of use. The Aptos beginning happened on October 12, 2022, with Aptos blockchain’s mainnet “Aptos Harvest time” sent off on October 17, 2022

Steps to Create and Launch NFT collection in Aptos Blockchain

1) First step : Go to sourav_maji youtube channel and click on the ” nft launch aptos blockchain ” video after that got to the video description where you will find the source code just download the source code

Launch nft collection in aptos blockchain very easy way 2022-23

2) Second step : Create all your arts and metadata also remember that the number of arts should match with the number of metadata for example : if you have 200 NFTs then you should have 200 metadata or else you will get errors while uploading it

Most important you need one cover image of your nft collection also cover image metadata and if you want to know full details of how to create nfts and metadata in Aptos blockchain then watch this video to understand full process

3) Third step : Now , go inside the source code then need to download all the required packages by running this simple command shown below :

npm install

In your visual studio code , In the up section you will get terminal option click on that option then click on new terminal then when the terminal will open just paste this command and hit enter it will take few seconds and all the packages will be installed automatically

4) Fourth step : You will need Pinata secret key and api key for uploading your nfts in the aptos blockchain and how you will get this keys follow this steps below :

  • Go to pinata website
  • create or sign up your pinata account
  • Then click on my accounts , after that api keys
  • Click on new api keys , enable admin keys option and give any name of your api key and hit create key
  • Finally , you will get your api keys and secret key just copy it

5) Fifth step : Paste api key and secret key inside the config.json file of your source code folder

Launch nft collection in aptos blockchain very easy way 2022-23

6) Sixth step : This is the most important steps so be carefull while running all your command for uplaod the nfts

  • first go inside script folder , then src using terminal and run ” python”
  • After that it will provide lots of options just choose the “create candy machine” option
  • So , it will automatically upload all your nfts and metadata

Launch nft collection in aptos blockchain very easy way 2022-23

All the steps have been completed now to mint your aptos nfts you will need to steup your minting dapp which you can do after watching this video

Hope all your doubts are clear regarding launching nft collection in aptos blockchain without following the complex process of creating smart contract etc

Very easily you have uplaoded all your nfts and metadata and now you can upload all your nfts in top aptos nft marketplace through your wallet

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