How to Launch NFT collection in SUI Blockchain – Step by Step Tutorial 2022

Nowadays, everyone is finding the best blockchain for launching their NFT collection as you all know that some of the existing one have less gas and some takes lots of time etc.

For this reason not a single blockchain is best which have all the best feature in it but recently one new blockchain has been launched which is similar like Aptos ( I have made a post on Aptos you can check it out ) so Today we are going to talk about this new blockchain SUI also how anyone can launch their nft collection in SUI blockchain

First of all let’s understand more deeply about this new blockchain

What is SUI blockchain ?

The Sui blockchain, as Aptos, depends on crafted by Diem, a bombed Meta Organization blockchain stage. Sui code was composed utilizing a changed rendition of the Move language produced for Diem.

The Verification of-Stake calculation with stacking and designation capacities guarantees the Sui organization’s activity and security.

Sui’s agreement system utilizes the clever Narwhal and Bullshark conventions, which empower equal figuring, making Sui exceptionally adaptable.

How anyone can Launch their NFT collection in SUI blockchain easily ?

It is very easy to launch your NFT collection in SUI blockchain so just need to follow this simple steps basically there are lots of ways but I will follow the simple one in this Tutorial

Step 1) Create your account in Ethos sui wallet and add some faucet or you can say some test tokens for paying the gas fees while deploying your NFT collection

Step 2) Now , you need to Clone this github repository

Link : Click me to download SUI dapp

how to launch nft collection in aptos blockchain

Step 3) In this step , need to run one command by opening the terminal and paste this

npm install

Step 4) Last command , you need to run

npm run dev

Step 5) After that , the dapp will open in your local server where you can perform all the important steps like uploading your NFT launching and after you upload your NFTs it will show you a link which you can click and verify that your NFTs are uploaded in the SUI blockchain or not

As well as the NFTs and metadata are showing properly or not etc

how to launch nft collection in aptos blockchain

So , all the steps have been completed hope you like this tutorial and now you all try all this steps by yourself and comment below how is your experience till then Good Bye

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