Why I am not getting Buyers for my NFT Collection ? Reason behind zero sales in opensea

Why I am not getting Buyers for my NFT Collection ? Reason behind zero sales in opensea

The main reason why your NFT project has zero sales and you are not getting proper buyers is you have just followed the same exact method all other NFT project are using to make their project successful , you have never tried to add any unique element in your NFT collection that make it look different from all other’s

So, Today I am going to discuss some of the points that will help you to understand what are the things need to do and what are need to avoid to make your NFT project cross $1 million trade mark in opensea or in other NFT marketplace

Let start knowing what are they :

❎ No funding
❎ Lack of utilities
❎ Lack of motivation
❎ Overpriced collection
❎ You have bad Tokenomics
❎ Lack of direction and strategy
❎ Poor community management
❎ Under-qualified team members
❎ Founders not being the face of the project
❎ You hired the first Dev team you could find
❎ No solid collaborations with existing communities
❎ Bad execution of their marketing and communications

On average it costs at least $110-$200K to launch an NFT collection.

A private discord channel is not enough.

Do your research, find out what utilities successful projects are offering, and do that BETTER.

Be creative, speak with your community, and find out what utilities they would like to receive. 

This is a very demanding industry, you have to be focused and goal orientated.

If you’re entering the space for the first time, you need to come in at a reasonable price.

Good, detailed, and jaw-dropping Tokenomics are essential to the growth of your project.

Hire the right team, take your time, and build the tokenomics to develop a long-lasting, community-driven ecosystem.

NFT experts are not going to help you.

You need a strategy team that has experience in selling out projects and building communities.

Your community management team looks after the soul of your ecosystem, your community.

Make sure they are active, engaging, and passionate.

The best teammates for an NFT project usually come from other successful NFT projects.

Make sure you’re headhunting in the right places.

You cannot be in the shadows. People buy people, not projects.

Be the face, show your passion, and be social.

If you don’t have the right developers you can mess up your project.

Take your time, do your research and find the best developers.

They must understand Web3, minting and smart contracts.

There is no competition in Web3, only collaboration.

Projects understand and appreciate this. Reach out, offer value, and partner together to grow your communities.

If you don’t have the right marketing strategy and execution, your project will FAIL.

Consider your organic outreach, your live events, press releases, podcasts, paid ads, calendar bookings, tastemakers, and community.

Yes, your community plays a huge part in your marketing strategy.

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